1. I am a variable in a variable world. I am constantly changing, sometimes evolving and sometimes surrendering. My environment and my genetic compound are pushing me to be a constant. I choose to consciously refuse to be defined as one thing. What I know now is finite, who I am now is an illusion, what I think I know is much less that I think it is and what I should thrive for is to gain, acquire and discover. To learn and realize. To create a constant of erasing past knowledge by expanding it and amending it to allow me a more serene and satisfying life.
  2. The grass is always greener on the other side. Life is a compromise, with more of one thing comes less of another thing. Balance is a myth, but the need to seek equilibrium is the only reality. Even in impoverished soils, flowers find opportunities in its cracks to grow upwards and see the light. Comparison is a thief of joy and the only object of blame is me.
  3. Focus on what you can control. Create mini-environments where you design it to fit the end results you envision for yourself. Your room, car, office, bag, all which you come into contact with.
  4. What you cannot control or change, you only need to accept. There is no other choice.
  5. You cannot change people. You can only stand in the light and hope they see it too.
  6. Your body will only age and grow older. Don’t take what you have and can do now for granted. Bodies are finite, stronger than we think, weaker than we thought. It always plays on your team, so show it acts of love and appreciation through whatever you choose to allow in it and whatever its put to test against. Respect this machine.
  7. The way the body seeks homeostasis; seek it too. Homeostasis is not maintained yet pursued. Fix a balance in everything you do and always alter your choices to achieve it. However, accept that you will always lose this balance. The only thing you can do is try and pursue it.
  8. Self-compassion because in a cruel world that’s your only hope.
  9. Seek experiences that allow you to see the world through different lenses. Amman looked so different, after 8 months of exploration and discovery.
  10. Document. Whatever you do, you experience, you see, you touch upon can be put into pictures, words, dances and art. In your own individualized way, document. Allow experiences to have a legacy in your life.
  11. First six months of love. Beginnings of things are either the most beautiful or the hardest. Before you give up on something and before you settle on someone; overcome the beginning and then make your choice.
  12. The world is a tiny place and it lives between the legs of women.
    As a woman; you will always be reminded with and judged by your body. Endless attempts will come your way to lower your voice, to have no room for you to sit at the table, to congratulate you on reaching le planfond de verre, and to liberate you or imprison you based on men’s terms. Question your actions and choices; let them come from the terms and values you set for yourself. Don’t accept being an object of desire and only see yourself through your own eyes and not those of patriarchy.
  13. Your actions and behaviors will be random and will lack purpose if you don’t set your own values and principles. What defines your yeses and nos are you little book of principles. What do you stand for? What are your principles?
  14. Humans will never agree on religion, politics and food. Don’t fall a prey for any of these things. Don’t follow a God, a president nor a diet. They are man-made traps for the free soul and body you have.
  15. Only lose yourself in music, dance and art.
  16. Trust your gut always. Listen to your body.
  17. The way you carry yourself is the way others will see you.
  18. People are superficial and shallow. First impressions matter; reflect the image you want the first impressions of others to be. As deceptive as it may sound, you need to accept that you will have more acquaintances than real friends, and the only idea they have of you is the first impression they got off of your looks, first conversation and everything you own.
  19. As much as you don’t agree with them; you are still really lucky to have your parents.
  20. The pursuit of happiness is set to disappoint you. Stay open spirited to all emotions your human self feels. Don’t limit yourself to happiness. Be conscious of all emotions you experience, see what grows out of them and allow them to change you and the way you see the world. However, understand that anger, jealousy and hate can only intoxicate you. Identify your emotions, rationalize them and understand that these are energies. Transfer this energy to a different form; find out your how tos.
  21. Don’t be a people pleaser. Accept that some people will not like you, will not agree with you and will not speak highly of you. You are not alive to impress everyone. Dealing with people is an art; create your own. You will always have to deal with these creatures.
  22. Say ‘No’ confidently and with no regret. Say no to the people and things that don’t serve you, that don’t align with your values and who bring your suffering. You don’t have to endure anyone or anything and put your happiness at stake.
  23. Time will only pass and you cannot take it back. Unleash your potential, don’t stagnate, always thrive to achieve and learn. Get shit done or you’ll lie on your death bed with only regret to take with you.
  24. Be grateful. Don’t wait till you lose something to realize that.
  25. Love and try to express love. Love in your own definition and ways of it. Redefine yourself every once in a while and redefine the ways you choose to love and appreciate your loved ones.



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