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This is the fifth time we meet up after being away from each other. This time, now that he is based in Istanbul, distance made the most sense. When he lived in Beirut, there was something silly about the distance and the borders that separated us. It all felt like…

They were my first drops of rain this year. I arrived to Istanbul at 5am on a Saturday in October to meet a lover I’ve been separated from for 8 long months. I have been waiting for this day ever since the world stopped and went into a lockdown. The…

It was our first encounter, the first time my eyes met with its immense blue ones.
On a boat in Syria, I lost myself for the first time as my gaze narrowed focusing on the horizon questioning that which lies behind it. I was a daydreamer, in my dreams…

There’s a saying in Arabic that goes like “ complain to the sea your worries and don’t humiliate yourself with humans”. In my city, there is no sea. I sit drowning in all my concerns; like their weight is pulling me downwards as i helplessly gasp for air. Yet still…

In many circumstances, I find it hard to say “I have learned that..”, and find it easier to say “I’ve come to realize that..’’. To realize is to become fully aware of something as a fact which could possibly mean that you somehow knew about this thing but was not…

From Lucy Glendinning series ‘Skins’

do you notice anything else?

we zoom in most times
we are too much in our heads
its like having our picture taken
in front of a famous monument
so that all we can see is ourselves and it

we often forget to zoom out
to see that at that moment

i flipped the bullet-pointed pages of a heavy dictionary
desperately searching for definitions
of feelings and emotions
i have failed to explain to myself

i turned the rough pages tirelessly over and over
how can words sit in long phrases of definitions
yet be so meaningless
how can you explain a…

Sometimes I lose myself thinking

I travel so far away from the moment

Wondering about where will we be

Us, our generation that is

Years from now.

What diseases will we have?

What wars will we encounter?

Will we mostly lose our loved ones

To a sudden silent death


A lettre to younger you

a natural yet a selfish act

bringing younger humans into our world

expecting them to fit into a forged mold

awaiting from them a fulfillment of our lost dreams

then applauding ourselves throughout their blossoming

paying no attention to the water we baptize them with

contaminated with all our madness and insecurities

like a germinating seed;

thirsty for life

you guzzled this water

As you began sprouting

anchoring your roots in an impoverished soil

cracking your way towards a new, unfamiliar world

through a thick bedrock

yet failing to keep your stem erect

to put up with the changing weather

it’s not all your fault

you are the way you are today, my dear

the weather changed its mood
it was wearing a blue sky
a clear, radiating limitless sky
with beds of clouds hiding the sun
it was a dim morning
yet the rays of the sun managed to escape the grips of fluffiness
to shine and warm our skin

the weather shifted


أنا مُتَغَيّرة

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